Viziware - a New Perspective on the "Smart City" Concept

22 October 2014

Viziware, in cooperation with Computer Vision Systems, LLC and the Netherlands-based Emeago Company, took part in the international “The Hague TECH” forum, presenting the interactive Smart City Info-Point showcase to the European public.


The city of The Hague justly claims the title of “Smart City,” and for this occasion a multi-faceted event was dedicated to the theme. As part of the overall exhibition, various innovative companies showcased their ideas for the Smart City concept. Among them was Viziware, which introduced its interactive solution for an urban environment. According to Viziware designers, a modern city should be equipped with accessible street info-points, where passersby can find information on all sorts of events taking place locally.

This concept can be brought to life with the help of interactive displays in shop windows that offer citizens and tourists a way to control the content they see using simple gestures without ever touching the screen. For a hands-on demo of the broad capabilities of such info-points, the Viziware team, using the popular online guide to The Hague’s cultural life, presented visitors with an interactive version of the website. The Smart City Info-Point display allowed viewers to interact with content updated in real time, showing the latest information at the user's request. Visitors to the forum were amazed at this entirely new approach to learning about cultural and social events in the city, and soon many were waiting for a chance to direct the interactive display on their own.


In parallel with the main event, the WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) organized a Russian-Dutch business program, which consisted of a variety of business meetings, negotiations and presentations. The purpose of this interaction was to develop IT partnerships between the two friendly countries. In addition to Viziware, other attendees from Russia included leading IT companies such as Lanit-Tercom - all members of RUSSOFT, the Russian Association of Software Developers.