Computer Vision Systems Ltd joined the ranks of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre

22 September 2011

Developed by Lanit-Tercom’s specialists, the CVS (Computer Vision System) hardware/software package, which makes it possible to control devices and enter data with simple gestures, has been chosen as one of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre’s participating projects.

The system not only became a successful startup company, but also attracted special attention from the Skolkovo Science Centre’s panel of experts. This event fully vindicated Lanit-Tercom’s high-tech projects and their importance for the country’s future.

July 7, 2011, 21 participating companies received awards from the Skolkovo Foundation in the Russian International News Agency’s conference room. Vladimir Ufnarovsky, COO of Lanit-Tercom, represented the company during the award ceremony. Vladimir and representatives of various other companies invited to the ceremony were given mementoes: small crystal brick-shaped sculptures engraved with the project name. The organizers intended the small bricks to symbolize the foundations of a new future.

The CVS system project served as an impetus to create a new organization: Computer Vision Systems Ltd. The company became a member of the Skolkovo Science Centre’s IT group under registration number 1110045. The prospects for this partnership will not only allow the creation of new high-tech projects, but also globally influence the evolution of Russia’s innovative process.