• Parking assistance
  • Collision warning
  • Recognition of road signs and markings
  • Detection of obstacles on the road
  • Video monitoring
  • Active car safety
  • Intellectual support system: traffic assistance  
  • Tracking options following a car in the road flow, traffic lane


  • Active safety systems
  • Automotive night vision systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Parking management systems
  • Interactive entertainment systems – commentary on the sights or shaping of augmented reality
  • Saccade cameras


  • Minimize the impact of the «human factor»
  • High precision of object recognition
  • Ability to reconstruct the positions and speed of objects surrounding a vehicle
  • Adaptive Image Feature Extraction
  • Self-Alignment of Cameras using Full Frame Feature Correspondence
  • Stable operation under difficult weather conditions and uneven road surfaces
  • The passive system – no of mutual interference for traffic participants

Technical Info:

  • One or more pairs of ordinary/ wide-angle cameras
  •  < 40 ms response time
  • Adjustable min and max working distance - several cm to 10 m