The starting point in the development of computer vision systems of the Russian company «Lanit-Tercom» together with the Department of system programming of the St. Petersburg state University become a deep researches of scientists-developers in the field of pattern recognition, which actively carried out in the past 15 years. Many years of experience, extensive theoretical and practical experience in the analysis of video-stream and stereovision allowed the company to begin to develop the system of recognition of the video for the automotive industry.


«Lanit-Tercom» starts to work together with the German automaker on project of the car security system on the basis of the analysis of the video stream. Innovative ideas of Russian experts Vladimir Ufnarovsky and Alexander Pimenov, is actively working on issues of computer graphics and the development of algorithms of recognition of the images are combined with the results of multiyear studies of German partners, in front of the existing cooperation opens up broad prospects for joint work.


Russian experts are engaged in development of complex software-hardware platform Deep View for the automotive industry as part of the German-Russian partnership. The main function of the complex is in recognition of objects with high accuracy with the help of a system of stereovision.


Vladimir Ufnarovsky advanced an idea of a more applied solution that could be accessible and understandable to any person who was a stranger to technically complex solutions; at the same time the idea would reflect the innovation and preserve all the achievements in the field of image recognition. The idea was simple and strikingly innovative: to develop a virtual computer mouse, to get rid of unnecessary controls and devices (mechanical manipulators), and to enable an ordinary user to control household appliances, like TV and PC, with the help of hand gestures.


A passive stereovision system, which allows someone to control devices and enter data using simple gestures, was created. In June 2011, a new company «Computer Vision Systems» (Systemy Kompyuternogo Zreniya Ltd.), joined the ranks of Skolkovo residents with the official registration number 1110045. In December, company received a grant from the Skolkovo. Investment volumes in 2012 will 80 million rubles. 50% of which will provide Skolkovo Foundation, and 50% - co-investor - CJSC «LANIT». The funds will be directed to the improvement of the innovative solution ViEye and to continue research into stereo vision.


«Computer Vision Systems» became a subsidiary of the holding company LANIT. The funds received under the grant, were aimed at improving the innovation project Viziware and the continuation of studies in the field of stereovision. Expanded the range of applicability of technology, in cooperation with the major players of the market of electronics is actively developing directions on implementation of a technology Viziware in laptops and interactive advertising panels. The project was demonstrated for large international exhibition areas, it occupies prize-winning places on various competitions of innovation in the field of IT.